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Hero of Hacksaw Ridge

If you have seen the movie "Hacksaw Ridge", please check out the following!
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Take a look at the following three free videos about Desmond Doss:

The Heroism of Desmond Doss: John Bradshaw with Dr. Charles Knapp, retired army colonel, discuss army life and how Doss' faith got him through. Dr. Knapp also gives insights about the making of the film Hacksaw Ridge. (Source Video Link)

Who Was Desmond Doss?: John Bradshaw shares how war represents the greater spiritual struggle between good and evil, and discusses the character of Doss and his faith. Recorded on location at various sites commemorating the life of Desmond Doss. (Source Video Link)

The Faith of Desmond Doss: John Bradshaw with Les Speer, Doss's pastor, discuss Doss's spiritual life, how he encouraged young people, and his legacy. (Source Video Link) has created some insightful infographics that illustrate some of the key incredible facts about Desmond Doss' heroic actions. You can even see what Hacksaw Ridge looks like today! Check it out and share with a friend:



Question & Answers about the movie, Desmond Doss, & Seventh-day Adventists:

Did the Seventh-day Adventist church have something to do with the creation of this movie?
“Hacksaw Ridge” was not made by or for the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Desmond Doss approved the telling of his story provided his beliefs, the facts, his church were properly and accurately portrayed; and that the movie would honor God. The Desmond Doss Council was charged with protecting, preserving, and managing the story to God’s glory. The movie’s producers have coordinated script, plot lines, and portrayal with the Doss Council for accuracy and appropriateness.

How violent is the film?
Very violent; it is not for the faint of heart. Some scenes, while true, may be so realistic as to be disturbing. The battle for the Maeda Escarpment in which Desmond Doss is a central participant visually describes the brutality sometimes in disturbing but accurate ways. This battle is considered by military historians to be the bloodiest of World War II. “Hacksaw Ridge” is a war movie and the first to document the battle on film. The action is all live action. Very little computer (CGI) animation was used.

Does the film stay true to Doss’ character?

Was the spiritual tone conveyed correctly?

How much nudity?
No female nudity. One barracks scene has one soldier exhibitionist (actually happened) goofing off, but there is no full nudity displayed.

Why is Mel Gibson the director?
Mel Gibson was chosen by the film’s producer, Bill Mechanic, as the best director to accurately portray the story. His faith tradition was not a consideration.

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