Treasurer's Report

This is the Treasurer's Report for the month of October 2018:

Fund      Account Balance      Needed Amount     
Church Budget $3,244 $2,500 / Month
Evangelism $10,398 $6,000 / Event
Worthy Student Fund (Inactive)     $4,196 $14,858 / Year - 2 Students
Local Bible Worker - Summer TBD    $5,460 $15,000 / Summer
Parking Lot $8,931 $30,000 - 60,000
Sound Board & Lapel Mic Replacement   $424 $3,000 (At least 17 years old, some connections failing)   
Air Conditioner Replacement $0 $5,500 (For 1 System, No Immediate Need)   
Tithe - Sent to Conference $9,307 10% / Member's Income

Please remember to support these funds as your Tithe does not stay at the local church.


If you cannot support these funds, don't forget that your service to the church can also be your "offering" as a good steward.  If you see any areas of the church you can help out with, please let the following people know:
Stewardship Questions
Stewardship Belief Statement & Video

Tithe Info Graphic

New Tithe Envelope Layout

For more information about this and other funds, please see Jeanne Hair or Paul Roberson.